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The Mysteries of Parapsychology

A whole field of psychology is dedicated to studying phenomena that challenge everything we thought we knew about our scientific brains. Parapsychology studies the paranormal, including extrasensory perception (ESP), the ability to perceive beyond sensory experiences like telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. If this ability does exist, the basic understanding of our brains and their interaction with our environments are jeopardized. 

Until learning about parapsychology in my AP Psychology class, I didn’t think that claims of extrasensory abilities were relevant in the scientific world. I was surprised to hear that they are still being researched, even though most would argue that they don’t exist at all. 

There have been instances where people claiming to have ESP have been hired by the government to investigate criminal cases or give insight into the whereabouts of people or things of interest. These people were able to prove their abilities and use them in a professional manner, kind of like a top-secret spies. This makes it seem as though ESP is legitimate, and perhaps reliable, yet in all of these cases, the people have proved inaccurate or unable to perform consistently. 

There has yet to be a person who can demonstrate a specific and reproducible ESP event or ability. Without a way to replicate these phenomena under controlled circumstances, they cannot be scientifically proven. This leaves parapsychologists without a sturdy foundation. 

I still cannot be convinced that ESP exists. But, I am curious and fascinated by how these researchers have welcomed a field that challenges science itself. It shows how much there is yet to discover about our brains and their capabilities.


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